Charisma of Life

All of a sudden, the band started off with a loud bang. It didn’t make much of a difference with the roaring motors, honking horns and the crying vendors. The music band was contributing to the noise pollution too, yet it was a signal that the procession was off to a flying start! We were now marching ahead. Gaiety filled the air. A paper rocket appeared from nowhere and crash landed into my face, just below my left eye. I looked at it. It was made from one of the tracks that were given to us, to be distributed among the locals. I picked it up and launched it back into the air.

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Short Story - Excerpt By Vijay James 1054 words charisma, dreams, world
When the Flower Blooms

Winter isn't nature's way of saying lets herbinate! Knowledge is to imagine and courage is power. With these two hard-knocks, life can be made into a hammock. True love is like a rain bearing cloud, which bursts out emotionally during depressions, that bringeth forth the joys of life; just like when the flower blooms.

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Essay - Excerpt By Vijay James 477 words true, love, joys
The Sermon

Eclectically outspoken,
Opened his edenate mouth,
Said he, "Mr. Richie!,
Come out of thine house,
Put thine ear to mine eclogue,
Train and instruct thyself intellectually,
Morally and socially.
Educate yourself in God Almighty.

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Poetry - Excerpt By Vijay James 165 words eclogue, sermon, money