When the Flower Blooms

Sometimes when life presents people with responsibilities more than they can handle, they might be cannibalized to attack whoever crosses their path.

Life isn't hard; nor is it dull. Just simply cope up!

The following true story will illustrate my point

There's a dirty ol' crow that frequented my balcony that held a tiny garden. This meddling crow cawed so much that my seat of intelligence and imagination started tearing apart. Shooing turned into waving, coupled with shouts that soon blossomed into cursing. But the ol' crow stood on his guard and joined louder in the battle cry. Unable to withstand the pain in my head, I threw a pebble that I had once collected down the river- bed. The pebble hit its target and the startled target disappeared off in no time.

A few days later I found a flowering fern sprouting in my garden. A real good eye-catcher.

I really do regret deeply for having inflicted injury on the one who tended my garden with his own manure. But that wasn't the last I saw of the gardener. I see him now and then, singing his tunes in my neighbor’s balcony. And I can't help chuckling when my neighbor complains about an ol' crow that keeps splitting his poor head!

Blessing comes in disguise, I've only heard and this is the first time, I've experienced it. For me blessing came in disguise when I was frustrated. Now I enjoy and relinquish the beauty of nature.

For most, it isn't sentimental as long as they aren't suffering.

Most of us are like Cinderella's stepmother when we don't recognize merit or when we disregard beauty. The only difference between Charles Perrault's story and mine is that Cinderella is character in a fairy tale but the ol' crow is a character of real life, a real bird.

When the flower blooms, it blends the beauty of the whole plant. The aroma of fragrance that drifts from the flower is the invocation of divine flavor. The blossom does make every one of us happy. But those who turn a blind eye to nature's beauty could either be in dismay or are blockheads who abhor nature and her beauty or lack faith in humanity or in God Almighty.

It is difficult for most to become an angel overnight. But through belief in oneself, one could come down the ivory tower of trouble and flow in with the main the stream.
It also depends on us to gain a point and to be ahead of our weakness.

Winter isn't nature's way of saying lets herbinate! Knowledge is to imagine and courage is power. With these two hard-knocks, life can be made into a hammock.

True love is like a rain bearing cloud, which bursts out emotionally during depressions, that bringeth forth the joys of life;. just like when the flower blooms.

Post By Vijay James 477 words