The Sermon

 Mr. Richie of the Golden town from the far East,
Lived in an earthly mansion,
Admiring his worldly goods,
Overwhelming with ecstasy;
At his earthly riches.
Stay at ease did he, Mr. Richie the earth bound?
No! not at all but kept munching his heart out.

A priest from his faraway ecclesiastical residence,
Probably from the far west,
Eclectically outspoken,
Opened his edenate mouth,
Said he, "Mr. Richie!,
Come out of thine house,
Put thine ear to mine eclogue,
Train and instruct thyself intellectually,
Morally and socially.
Educate yourself in God Almighty,
Thou, though a member of a dynasty,
Art nothing but a dunderhead and a dunce,
Dump thy sins and richness, Mr.Richie,
Change your self, Mr. Richie, For money stinks,
God by thine side, you'll find peace."

Dumbfound Mr. Riche, searching for a speech,
"Your epilogue was nice indeed",
Said he, "Please don't erupt thyself Holy Man,
Yeah, I know that indeed,
Money really does stink indeed,
But I like the stinking smell indeed."

Post By Vijay James 165 words