Work Intake Process

As Agile Project Manager (Scrum Master) in IBM I developed this learning material to educate global B2B teams located in USA, Spain, Brazil and India.

Agile Implementation By Vijay James
Agile Wall of Work (WOW)

As Agile Project Manager, I faciliated creation of Wall of Work to communicate the stages of the project flow, to track the work progress and supported the team to focus on the current goals.

Agile Maturity By Vijay James
Value Stream Mapping (VSM)

As Agile Project Manager, I helped the team to visualize every task, identify waste, reduce cycle time and implement process improvement. The value stream map were printed as huge posters on the wall for our stakeholders.

Lean Management Method By Vijay James
Stakeholder Mapping

As a Agile Project Manager, I created this visual representation to identify, analyze and organize external and internal stakeholders who has interest and influence on the project outcomes.

Stakeholder Engagement By Vijay James
Social Contract

As Agile Project Manager, I helped to create agreement between team members that enables them to be self organized and effective. This lead to team commitment and collaborative work leading to high performance.

Team Agreement By Vijay James