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case 'Credentials':
         Certified Scrum Master;
         Kanban Management Professional;
         Kanban System Design;
         ITIL v3 Service Management;
         Post Graduate Diploma in Business Administration;
         Master of Computer Applications;

case 'IT Project Management':
         Lead by example (within-budget);
         Driven by Passion (on-time);
         Deliver with Excellence (in-scope);
         People oriented;

case 'Programmer':
        User Interface Developer;
         Frontend Programmer;
         Program e-learning courses and games;

case 'Characteristics':
         Weave the web of creativity in the world of innovation;
         Attitude to learn new things;
         Volunteering with PMI Toronto Chapter;

case 'Writer':
         Author a technical blog;
         Pen a thought leadership;

case 'Photographer':
         Freeze the moment under the lens;
         Food Photography

         The Dark Horse;

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I am, as defined by my clients:

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Vijay James started his career at IBM in 2009 in the Global Technical Services centre, with the Global End User Deployment team. He has handled multiple complex projects within-budget, on-time and in-scope.

As part of the Business Transformation Information Technology center, Vijay managed projects with the Global End User Deployment team driving IBM product upgrades and release management, targeting 380,000 employees across IBM worldwide, ensuring a secure work place for the enterrpise and an enhanced end user experience for IBMers.

As the Project Manager of the Secure Workplace of the Future team, Vijay James was responsible for the adoption of Modern Browsers and eradication of the legacy browser versions from the organization, which posed security threat for malware penetration. In both positions he proved his technical and leadership skills and gained experience in internal client facing environment.

Vijay also lead the Book of Business project with Global Business Services as IT Project Manager (Application Services)/ World Wide Team Leader. He leads cross functional global team located in Bratislava and Toronto. He was responsible for the support functions which handled crucial business contract management and financial forecasting of million dollar projects in IBM Europe. His contribution also involves interacting with international stakeholders covering multiple countries in Benelux, SPGI, UKI, France, Italy and Alps region.

In his most recent role with IBM, Vijay lead the B2B Enterprise Integration team in digitally integrating USD billion-dollar business partners into IBM’s payment gateway - Sterling Commerce for various lines of business, facilitating the digital transaction for order and invoice management with overall program budget exceeding $8 million. He increased project deliverables by 30% through Agile practices of the social contract, daily scrum, iteration planning, backlog refinement, sprint review, retrospective meetings and managing team mood

One of the many highlights involves Vijay James's accomplishment within 6 months of his tenure at IBM, being nominated into the GTS Hall of Fame (Best Employee Award Q2 2009) and was the first person to be awarded from Business Acquisition Service (Business Unit).

Vijay James is currently leading a $250K federally funded learning and development program helping immigrants and newcomers in Canada to integrate into the Canadian workforce.

Ten+ years of professional experience and educational qualifications in Masters (Computer Applications) and PGD (Business Administration)